Cape Fear River Adventures: Explore the Natural Beauty of Wilmington

Stunning landscape. Rich history. Eco-Tours. Exploration of natural areas. What more could you ask for in an adventure!?

The History

The experience of a lifetime is waiting for you! Experience the beauty and majesty of our local Cape Fear rivers and streams. Any outdoor enthusiast will find that an in-depth tour of the Black River and Three Sisters Swamp is a can’t-miss experience for visitors in the area. Local visitor’s guides regularly tout Cape Fear River Adventures as one of the most exciting kayak adventure tours in Wilmington, NC.

What to Expect

How would you like to take a tour of the Three Sisters Swamp of the Black River? If this is your idea of a great getaway, you’re in luck. The chance to relish in breath-taking scenery and participate in wildlife viewing is unmatched in this unique ecosystem. Immersing yourself in historical lessons and education about regional ecology can help any tourist discover the magnificence of the Black River.

From the awe-inspiring views of the ancient Old Cypress Trees in Wilmington, NC, to the tranquil nature preserves of the Black River, explorers will leave with a resounding appreciation for Wilmington’s enchanted forests. Tourists get the chance to experience the diverse beauty of wild natives, including osprey, blue herons, crabs, fish, egrets and, possibly, alligators.

Exploration in this area is best done via kayaks and canoes. Individuals who want to dive into the beauty of these ancient forests and waters often visit the Black River as an educational experience or may transform the event into a social outing.

Our Vision

t Cape Fear River Adventures, it is our goal to help tourists fall completely in love with the beauty of this region’s ecological and natural resources. Educating tour-goers about preservation and protection, while allowing them toperience for future generations is both a duty and a privilege that we hope to share. Find out more about Cape Fear River Adventures at

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