Capturing Love Between Couples in Engagement Pictures in Washington DC

When two people decide to get married, they usually want pictures taken so that they can remember the special event. If you’re trying to build your business or simply enjoy taking pictures, here are a few tips to capture stunning engagement pictures that couples can look back on for years to come.


One way to get your subjects to relax is to make them laugh. As an engagement photographer in Washington DC, you want the people you’re taking pictures of to trust you and be comfortable in front of the camera. Talk about what happened when the couple got engaged or if there’s a funny story behind the proposal. You can also share a few jokes or talk about other couples you’ve taken pictures of so that they have an idea of what to expect.


When you’re confident about the session, then the couple will be confident as well. Even if you’re a new engagement photographer in Washington DC, try not to let any nervousness that you have show. Clearly direct the couple where to sit, how to stand, and how to pose so that they know what’s expected in order to get the best images possible.


Try to have a few props available for the couple to use. It could be something as simple as a sign that you write on or flowers that one person can hold. If the couple shares a pet, has children, or has a special prop to use, then make sure it’s included in the pictures.

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