Caring For A Granite Countertop Downers Grove

If someone decides they would like to do a remodeling job on their kitchen, they will most likely decide to place new countertops in place of worn ones. Several people enjoy the look that granite gives on a kitchen countertop. These surfaces are durable and look pleasing to the eye. Here are some ways to keep a granite countertop in Downers Grove looking its best for years to come.

Clean the granite countertop after every session to ensure there is no food buildup on its surface. When cleaning, it is best to use hot water on a non-abrasive sponge. Do not use a regular household detergent as this can place a film on the surface, making the appearance of the countertop seem drab. Instead, use plain water or a cleaner made especially for stone surfaces.

Instead of placing pots and pans directly on the countertop, place them on top of a trivet or potholder. Although the heat will not bother the granite surface, if something was on the countertop before setting the item on top of it, scratching may occur. Use a cutting board when using knives on the countertop to minimize the risk of scratching the surface. If someone spills something on the counter, wipe it up right away so staining does not occur.

It is important to seal granite countertops so they do not lose their protective properties. This should only be done to countertops that are made of a mixture of granite and calcite. If the countertop is pure granite, it will not need sealing. To test the composition of the countertop, place a few drops of water on its surface. If the beads of water disappear, the counter is in need of sealing. If it remains on the surface, the stone is pure and sealing will not need to be done at all. Sealant for a countertop in Downers Grove can be purchased from the same company where the stone had been bought.

When a homeowner decides to install a granite countertop in Downers Grove themselves, they will need to find a service to provide the stone for them. Contacting a company like Best Buy Carpet and Granite will ensure the stone purchases is of a high-quality and is backed by a guarantee.

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