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Carpet Cleaning: 4 Questions to Help You Know More

Posted By: Leah Austin

Why get your carpets cleaned?

Carpets provide an ideal environment for bacteria and allergens to thrive. If you don’t have your carpets cleaned regularly, then you risk living with buildups of dust, dirt and pollen along with mold spores and more in your home, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says. If you have kids who play on these carpets, then they’ll get in contact with contaminants that could affect their health or lead to allergic reactions.

Why is vacuuming not enough?

A lot of homeowners think vacuuming their carpets are enough. While it does help keep your carpets cleaner, it’s not a substitute for deep cleaning. That’s necessary if you want to keep your carpets clear of any bacteria, mildew, mold, dirt and more.

Why do you keep getting sick?

If you or members of your family are often allergic or suffer from allergic reactions that go away whenever you step out of your home, then dirty carpets may be at the crux of the problem. Start looking for companies that provide carpet cleaning in Edmond OK so you can have yours sent in for deep cleaning. With clean carpets, you won’t have to worry about allergens making you or your family ill.

Why does it smell?

A lot of homeowners aren’t aware of how important it is to get their carpets and rugs cleaned. If you’ve been wondering where that musty smell has been coming from, check if it’s from any of your carpets. That musty smell could indicate mold growth, which means there’s a moisture problem in your home. Dismissing that smell could lead to worse problems. Fix those issues early on. Go for carpet cleaning services in Edmond OK to get rid of any mold growth that could negatively affect your health and lead to other problems in your home.

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