Carpet Cleaning in Virginia Beach Techniques – Advantages And Disadvantages

There are many carpet cleaning techniques being utilized by different households and carpet cleaning companies today. Each cleaning method has it own specific disadvantages and advantages. Basically, carpet cleaning techniques can be grouped into two categories: dry cleaning and wet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach comprises the use of chemical foams or powders applied by special devices using counter rotating brushes, cylinders or pads. Wet cleaning comprises absorbent pad cleaning and hot water extraction.

For the hot water extraction method, first the carpet is preconditioned using a chemical reagent. This process liquefies soils as well as oil based substances that might be present. Next, water that is close to its boiling point is infused into the dirty carpet. After an appropriate dwell time (typically ten to fifteen minutes), the resultant solution is removed using an appropriate vacuum. The advantages of this carpet cleaning technique is that it removes dirt and other particles from within your carpet, permits prolonged dwell times for cleaning solvents to react, and allows the utilization of high pressures, temperatures as well as chemical concentrates. In addition, this is the technique most commonly recommended by carpet makers as well as industry cleaning professionals and experts. The major disadvantage with this carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach method is that it has a relatively long drying period. Competent technicians typically use an equipment to reduce this long drying time.

Absorbent pad cleaning is often utilized for standard carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach as well as for routine light maintenance. First, the carpet is vacuumed and a chemical substance is sprayed on it using an electric sprayer or a hand pump. The chemical substance is then allowed to remain on the carpet for an appropriate reaction or dwell time. Next, the bonnet or absorbent pad, which resembles a towel, is positioned on the drive wedge of a rotating floor device and swirled over the surface of the carpet at one hundred to three hundred revolutions per minute. This helps to infuse the chemical solution into the carpet fibers as well as remove it with the dirt and soils afterwards. Absorbent pad cleaning is a fast, simple and inexpensive method of carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach. It produces excellent results with carpets that are lightly soiled. For more details, visit Allen’s Dry-N-Clean.

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