Carpet Remnants

What are carpet remnants? Charlotte residents may be wondering what exactly carpet remnants are used for. They are the left overs after you have finished carpeting your floor. When a person orders carpeting they order it by the roll and what is left behind is called a remnant. Charlotte home owners use remnants for a diversity of different things from dirt mats to area rugs. Sometimes when there is a reduced amount of material left after carpeting you can sell it at a discounted rate. There are so many uses for remnants.

Why look for remnants?

There are many reasons to go looking for discounted remnants. Charlotte residents are very crafty people. Some artists use leftover carpet for projects and other creative purposes. There are artists all over that have made their reputation out of creating whole exhibits based on remnants. Charlotte clients know that remnants are not just used for carpeting closets. In fact some people find themselves going to store to store buying different left over material just so they can bind them together to create a custom area rug.

Another thing most people use them for is to carpet small single rooms or leave as a floor mat by the bed. You can find a variety of different remnants, Charlotte stores sell however they may have very little due to high demand. When you use carpet remnants instead of purchasing a whole roll you save a lot of money. So it is no surprise that it is hard to find. If you are great with tools you may be able to cut and install them yourself.

Where can I get a remnant?

Many people may have left over carpet in their homes. If you happen to come across any family or friends that have carpet, kindly ask if they have any leftover remnants. Charlotte homeowners may be looking to get rid of them, after all everyone is crafty or wishes to keep left over carpet. If you have a damaged carpet you can use your left over remnants to repair it. Another thing you can use them for is for high traffic areas.

There are many stores that even specialize in selling and purchasing remnants. Charlotte has its share of small vendors that sell remnants to stores for carpet samples. It’s a great idea to check the different prices and compare. When you have a store devoted to selling remnants they may be a lot of mark ups that are not warranted. So take you time in finding the right store when purchasing a remnant. When you find a good store, you can return to them time and again to fulfill all of your remnant needs.

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