Cash for Diamonds – Knowing Your Diamond’s Value

The market for diamonds has remained highly active over the last few years. The market is not just limited to diamond merchants and jewelers though. The average person in need of some extra cash that have these precious stones in their possession can utilize a Cash for Diamonds service.

Knowing about the appraisal process before going to trade in your diamonds will make sure you are aware of what the potential buyer is looking for and being able to discuss the value intelligently. The appraisal process for diamonds is based off of the Four C’s: Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut.


This is the most crucial element of the appraisal. Symmetry, proportion, and brilliance of the diamond are all determined by how well, or poorly, it is cut. Better cut diamonds create a very luminous brilliance whereas poor cuts hold the adverse effect. There are numerous amounts of cuts that a diamond can be shaped and varying proportions to be measured to determine the quality these cuts.


Perfect diamonds, in a chemical and structural aspect, will have perfect transparency with no traces of a hue or color. Naturally, however, nothing can be absolutely perfect, especially gem-sized natural diamonds. The color of the diamond also has a great impact on the value of the stone. White diamonds with a yellow hue hold less value than those having an intense pink or blue color. Colored diamonds are considered rarer and in limited supply. However, bright white diamonds with little or no color are desirable for retail sale.


The clarity of a diamond is graded based on its appearance under 10x magnification. When looking at a diamond, there are “inclusions” and “blemishes” that will affect the visual appearance and overall appeal of a diamond. Inclusions are the internal characteristics of a diamond. Some of these include pockets or cavities, tiny cracks, feathers, foreign crystals from other minerals or another diamond, and laser lines. Blemishes take into account the exterior appearance of the diamond. Some things that can affect the outer appear of the diamond are polish lines, scratches, nicks, chips, breaks, and pits. The higher the clarity grading, the more valuable and desirable the diamond will be. Cash for Diamonds dealers yearn for these because they are easily marketable.

Carat Weight

Perhaps the easiest measurable value of a diamond is its carat weight. A carat is equal 200 mg. The higher the carat weight of the diamond, the more value it will bring.

The important thing to remember when choosing a Cash for Diamond service is to make sure that your diamond is being appraised appropriately. Consider finding a professional appraiser beforehand to make sure you know your diamond’s worth.

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