Causes Of Excess Wear Of Screen Printing Squeegee

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Printing

Screen printing squeegees fail because of two main reasons. These are chipping and excess wear and both can be avoided by selecting the right kind of squeegee from the beginning and ensuring its proper maintenance all the way.

A number of reasons cause excess wear of a screen-printing squeegee. Among them are:

  • Excess pressure applied on the squeegee which must be reduced if the problem has to be solved
  • Improper angling of the squeegee. Either this is where the squeegee has been placed at a large or too small an angle. The large angle positioning may lead to the squeegee chattering and consequently wearing. A small angle on the other hand results to large squeegee area coming in contact with the mesh.
  • Wrong squeegee rotation also leads to wearing off.
  • Wrong free squeegee height. Excessive sharpening of your squeegee results to short heights that are difficult to flex.
  • The age of the squeegee. With continued use, the squeegee ages and in turn loses some of its properties whether in a state of use or not. This can be solved by discarding old squeegees.

A number of reasons usually cause the problem of chipping where the edges of the screen printing squeegees break down too. The breaking leads to streaking of the images when printing. Some of the reasons for this fault include:

  • Old squeegees. Just like in the wearing problem, old squeegees lose their polymer properties over time and the only solution is to dispose the old equipment off.
  • Using an improper squeegee. It could be that your Screen Printing Squeegee is not formulated for harsh chemical and solvents found in ink and as such may not withstand it and end up breaking off into tiny pieces. To deal with this, you should find a tougher squeegee to meet your ink chemical strength.
  • When your squeegee is immersed in ink for a long period, there is the risk of chipping. It is thus important that all ink be removed from the blades and holders, also avoid soaking squeegee in solvents when cleaning since they only soak up, and increase breaking off.

Proper screen-printing squeegee maintenance guarantees high quality printouts.

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