Central Station Monitoring With Small Security Cameras in Bowling Green, KY

Today’s small security cameras in Bowling Green, KY, suit a wide array of commercial applications. Central Station Monitoring verified video cameras contributes an additional layer of safety and protection to people and assets. Here’s how it works.

IP or Analog

No one can deny the superior video resolution and color rendering of IP cameras, but analog over HD cameras deliver respectably crisp moving and still images at a very affordable cost. The latter option is economical and better suited to smaller spaces.

With small IP security cameras, one has their pick of 4K, HD, and wireless camera options. Both analog over HD and IP cameras can be mounted for optimal coverage on commercial properties.

Digital Video Recorders

DVRs have come a long way. Next-gen models work equally well with analog, megapixel, IP and wireless cameras. There are even hybrid DVRs that interface seamlessly with a mixture of analog and IP camera technologies. Installation requires no additional hardware or software; DVRs are ready to use right out of the box.

Central Station Monitoring

Central Station Monitoring alerts authorities at the first sign of suspicious activity on properties. It begins when motion detecting cameras activate, prompting the DVR to begin recording.

The DVR transmits a 10-second video over the internet to a monitoring station where seasoned experts review the video and alert authorities if necessary. Since the alert is third-party verified, authorities typically arrive within five to seven minutes, averting costly thefts and property damage.

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