Certified Pre-owned Vehicles: An Investment Worth Every Penny

If you are looking to buy a used Toyota in Miami, your best bet for value and vehicle quality is to purchase a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle. The manufacturer works through its network of used Toyota dealers to determine that the car is financially worth backing. A certified pre-owned car has been inspected and guaranteed by the manufacturer, in this case, Toyota. The inspection is given the highest priority and is usually a 100 point inspection. If the inspection uncovers any problems, the inspector will then fix them or disqualify the car from being certified. Toyota then places a new warranty on the car, one that extends beyond the time of the original warranty that came with the car when it was new. It lasts for a stated number of years or miles. When you buy a certified pre-owned Toyota, you are getting a car you know is physically sound as well as procuring a stable warranty should problems arise.

When you are looking at a used Toyota in Miami, there are several things you should keep in mind in regards to the certification. First of all, vehicles can be certified by the manufacturer and the dealer. Dealer certified cars have had more rigorous testing, and their warranties usually last longer and cover more issues. Some dealerships offering a third-party warranty are actually service contracts with the dealership that do not come with the cost of the car.  These warranties often require the owner to pay for needed repairs up front before sending a reimbursement check later on. They can take a deductible out of this check, similar to an insurance company. Plus, a dealer certification is good only at that dealership. If you move, have car trouble while out of town, or the dealership closes, your warranty really does you no good.

Often buying a dealer certified used Toyota in Miami gets you lots of added benefits that normally come with the purchase of a new car. This can include loan cars for when your car is being serviced, low interest rate loans, roadside assistance, free maintenance and shuttle service. You can also count on having your certified pre-owned Toyota serviced at the dealer, which is usually cleaner and more convenient than auto shops; more importantly, you will have a mechanic who has been with you every step of the way in the ownership of your vehicle.

The only drawback to buying a certified used Toyota in Miami is that they cost more than other used cars. But most people find that the extended warranty, peace of mind, and personalized service make it an investment they will never regret.

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