Changes to Do Tub to Shower Conversions in San Antonio

The methods of making tub to shower conversions in San Antonio may vary according to what the home homeowner needs and what the current arrangement is. The changes that will occur when making the change from a tub to a shower are to make it more accessible by lowering the entry spot. The other change is there will be more space in the bathing area, making it easier for disabled or older members of the family to bathe.

Lower Entry Spot

The bathtub has been the place where there have been the most falls of any place in the house. Therefore, the tub to shower conversions in San Antonio that are taking place will eliminate falls. The entry spot will come down by as much as 12 inches to where the bather will simply have to lift his foot a couple inches or so to get into the bathing area.

If the family has brought in an elderly parent to live with them, it will give them more mobility and independence to have a shower area they can actually just step into.

More Space in the Bathing Area

The tub to shower conversions in San Antonio will give considerably more space in the bathing area, which will accommodate a built in seat or even room for an elderly person to take their walker in with him. There could also be more room for a nurse to help an elderly individual with the bathing process. If the threshold is low enough, a wheel chair can actually be wheeled in.

The other angle of this is for a husband and wife who like to shower together, it will give them sufficient room to shower comfortably and enjoy one another. Or a new mother with an infant baby could enjoy showering with the baby in her arms and relaxing there.

Easier Bathing for Disabled or Elderly Individuals

The tub to shower conversions in San Antonio may be primarily for the elderly, even though all enjoy it. The conversion may be made in the elderly individual’s home and will greatly facilitate his mobility and independence. Even if the time for independence has passed and he has to have help to bathe, the conversion will make it easier for the adult child or a nursing service to assist the patient in the shower.

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