Chartering Scuba Diving Liveaboards

Chartering scuba diving liveaboards is an amazing way to experience some of the choicest diving spots the world has to offer. The itineraries and gear present onboard your boat, however, will have a big impact on the enjoyment you get from your trip. Look for the following before making a final decision:

Updated Equipment

Not all scuba diving liveaboards that advertise are safe or seaworthy vessels. Make sure the boat you charter has updated equipment and is well-cared for. You should be able to see photos online or talk with the staff about the state of operations. Make sure you discuss what options you have during a state of emergency. Some owners care more about dazzling potential visitors with luxury options than ensuring a high-quality navigation system or basic safety measures.

Well-Rounded Itineraries

People chartering scuba diving liveaboards often have a chance to go on shore. Most providers charge an arm and a leg for a week aboard their vessel and expect to deliver a big experience for the big price. Land excursions, depending upon their depth and quality, may cost extra to pay for things like parasailing or wine and food tours.

In addition, you should receive a variety of diving settings and options to see many different kinds of ocean life. Some areas have seasons where certain species are more prevalent than others, but you should still have access to more if that’s what you wish. This may also include periods for scuba certification, photography or fishing opportunities, depending on the company.

Hard to Reach Areas

Some companies boast being able to reach locations most ships don’t include on their itineraries. Before you agree to an out-of-the-way tour, ensure the locale is worth visiting. Some special locations do little more than waste valuable charter time.

Rental Gear

The best scuba diving liveaboards will have a selection of gear available for rent. This can include basic diving equipment, high-quality underwater cameras and more. When it comes to wetsuits and the like, size may be an important factor. If expecting to rent equipment on the ship, make sure you check and make sure they are stocked with your size first. You don’t want to head out to sea and then discover you don’t have the equipment you need to enjoy your dive.

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