Chocolate Memories: Using Custom Shaped Chocolate for Your Photos

Memories are too precious to be forgotten. There are many times in your life where you use photos of the past to celebrate or reminisce. Chocolate is a luxury that many people crave now and again, but who would have ever thought that you could put your pictures in chocolate. Whatever the celebration, a custom shaped chocolate picture is the best gift to give! If you are celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary, a good gift to give your spouse is a custom shaped chocolate wedding photo. You can either place your photo on a chocolate frame, a chocolate lollipop, a chocolate CD, or chocolate shapes. Getting a heart shaped chocolate picture of your wedding photo is a sweet, romantic gift to give your loved one on your anniversary. Not only is it a sweet thought, but it has a sweet taste too.

All custom shaped chocolate pictures are made with high-quality Belgium chocolate. Your photo is printed with eatable paper and ink so you can savor every moment of your memory. Another celebration to give a chocolate picture gift is at a graduation. You can have a chocolate CD made with the graduate’s picture on it. The picture is placed in the center of the chocolate CD, which leaves some chocolate free on which you can put an artistic design. If the graduate has a specific interest, you can have a picture drawn on the CD. For instance, if they play a musical instrument you can have a string of notes circling the picture. Other designs can include their favorite sport, band, books, or any other interest the graduate might have. If you cannot afford to get a design on the chocolate portion of the CD, you could always fill the entire CD with the picture or just leave it blank.

For any other occasion, a custom shaped chocolate lollipop is a great choice. The chocolate lollipops come in various shapes, sizes, and designs so there are many to choose from. Whether it is for a birthday party, wedding, baby shower, or Valentine’s Day, a chocolate lollipop with a favorite image can be the perfect gift to give. These chocolate lollipops come in every shape imaginable so you can have the shape match the event. For instance, if it is a birthday, you can have a balloon shaped lollipop, or if it is for Valentine’s Day, choose a heart shaped lollipop. Other shapes include a star, flower, circle, square, or rectangle. Some custom shaped chocolate picture lollipops can come with a small frame that has a design on it so if you want to make your baby shower gift unique and beautiful, you can get a framed lollipop with a picture of a baby.

Chocolate tailor is a company that specializes in homemade custom shaped chocolate that can be used for any occasion. You can have your pictures placed on chocolate lollipops, chocolate picture frames, chocolate shapes, or chocolate CD’s.

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