Choose a Better Tooth Replacement Option for You in Highland Park, IL

Teeth replacement options restore patients’ self-confidence and improve their speech and chewing abilities. In addition, studies show that replacing the teeth improves employment and romantic opportunities for the person. Reviewing dental implants in Northbrook shows how these teeth replacement products are advantageous.

How are the Implants Installed?

The dentist starts by installing a titanium root through the tooth socket and into the jawbone. The implant crown connects to the root with an abutment. Now, if the dentist replaces multiple teeth at once, they may use more than one root and connect the implants via a plate. Dentists can also provide implants within one visit to replace the teeth and restore the patient’s confidence.

Why Are They Better Than Dentures?

The dental implants in Northbrook are better than dentures because they are installed permanently, and implants won’t fall out of the mouth, causing embarrassing situations. In addition, many patients choose dental implants because they are less noticeable than dentures.

Dentures can cause voice distortion for some patients, and dental implants won’t. Patients see a significant improvement in their speech and ability to chew once they have implants. The implants won’t slip or irritate the gums as dentures can, and many patients love that they look like natural teeth.

Dental implants are a more permanent way to replace missing teeth. Dentists can replace all the teeth, sections of teeth, or a single tooth. These replacement products are installed permanently and look and work like natural teeth. Contact North Suburban Dental of Northbrook or visit for more information.

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