Choose Dental Clinic in Bridgeport, CT For Canker Sore Treaatment

Canker sores are extremely painful, frustrating mouth sores that can cause intense burning or tingling sensations that prevent people from enjoying their day to day lives. While there is no known reason for why canker sores occur, there may be some ways in which you can prevent them from spreading or occurring.

Before understanding how to prevent canker sores, it is important to understand exactly what canker sores are. Dentists and healthcare professionals consider a canker sore to be a single sore or group of sores that appear inside your mouth. These sores may appear on the roof of your mouth, your cheeks, and even your tongue. The sores will often appear gray or white, but surrounded by a red border.

The first way to try and prevent canker sores from occurring is by avoiding any type of foods or drinks that may irritate the gums of the mouth. Acidic foods, citrusy drinks, and spicy foods may cause a slight irritation to the gums and mouth, which can cause you to be more susceptible to canker sores.

Another way to avoid and prevent canker sores is to make sure that you stop gum chewing. Gum chewing, just like foods and drinks that may irritate the mouth, may cause canker sores. This is because the chewing of the gum can irritate or wear down the gums, which makes it easier for canker sores to occur.

The last way to avoid and prevent canker sores is by making sure that you are properly brushing and flossing. Proper brushing and flossing will eliminate bacteria, which may be responsible for the canker sores, from the mouth. Visiting a Dental clinic in Bridgeport CT will provide you with access to dental professionals who will be able to show you how to properly brush and floss your teeth.

If after trying these tips to prevent canker sores from occurring you still experience them, it may be time to visit a dentist. Patients who are experiencing severe pain associated with their canker sores, fevers, difficulty eating or drinking, or other problems should consult a Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry for help in treating the existing canker sores.

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