Choose Flashbreaker Tape for Strengthening Processes and Smooth Removal

Flashbreaker tape is not commonly used for daily household purposes, which is why many people have never heard of it. However, this tape is critical for many industrial applications where high tensile strength and heat resistance may be necessary. This tape can come in multiple colors and a variety of thicknesses, widths, lengths and strengths. The bright colors commonly used aid users to know where the tape is, due to its high level of visibility when it is placed on molds or other industrial parts. Flashbreaker varieties are generally high tensile strength polyester films that can also sustain high temperatures. The polyester film backed with a silicone adhesive that is sensitive to high temperatures. Some flashbreaker tapes can withstand temperatures of just above 200 °C, which makes it ideal for many different uses.

Uses for High Temperature Silicone Adhesive Tape

Flashbreaker tapes that are pressure sensitive can be used for many purposes such as in metal bonding and composite applications. The tape is commonly used to anchor materials that are used in a variety of procedures such as vacuum bagging, masking, chem-milling protection, and thermocouple wires. It gives added protection that is needed in acid bath etching as well. These tapes are economical to use for industrial applications, because they provide an inexpensive solution, and they are easily removed after the curing process is complete. The tape is much more cost effective than other alternatives, so certain industries greatly benefit from using it.

Affordable Adhesive Solutions for Industrial Processes

The high temperature tolerance that flashbreaker tape provides is needed for smooth removal when it is applied to composite or metal bonding surfaces. The tape is suitable for end-tabbing or splicing silicone treated fabrics, papers, and films. It is perfect to cover areas on or near bond lines, and it is often used in powder coat paint masking processes as well. This tape can get the job done whenever added strength is needed. With the capabilities that it has in industrial applications, it is extremely economical considering how affordable it is. Many different industries use the tape in a variety of processes.

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