Choosing Marble Countertops For Upgrading Bathrooms In Older St. Paul Homes

A very classic choice for an upgrade to an older home in St. Paul is to completely re-do the bathroom. This is often the case if a full kitchen renovation is still not quite in the budget but the homeowner wants to move forward. Changing that old vanity and sink for a new design with marble countertops and contemporary fixtures is an excellent way to get started on your renovation project.

Since most of the older homes tend to have smaller bathrooms, choosing the right colors in both vanities and marble countertops will be important. Smaller bathrooms don’t have to compromise on style and design, and often by choosing different arrangements of the fixtures the room can look much larger without any actual expansion.

The Shapes and Styles of Marble Countertops

The natural, earthy and rich colors of marble countertops are a perfect match with a modern style of sink and vanity or a classic design. Since the countertop is cut specifically for your vanity, you can opt for any countertop style from a square sink to a raised sink or even a contoured sink.

It is possible to include a curved or a standard edge on the marble countertops for a bathroom, and most people in St. Paul choose a bullnose or stepped type of corner and edge design. This gives the countertop a softer, more rounded appearance on the edge that also prevents any sharp edges and corners.


The colors selected for marble countertops in the bathroom will correspond to the color of flooring, walls and the bath and shower. The color and design of the vanity itself and the overall theme or décor of the room will also impact the color selected.

Since all marble is natural stone, the pattern from different blocks from the quarry will all be slightly different. This creates a unique look to each of the marble countertops produced from the block and also adds to the colors and patterns within the marble itself.

If you want specific colors, flecks or patterns in your marble, talk to the marble supplier before choosing a particularly color and pattern. These professionals will ensure that the particular block they cut marble countertops from will correspond with your preference for the specific features within the stone.

As a top supplier of marble countertops for homes in the St. Paul area, Granite Unlimited, Inc. has an excellent selection of marble. For more information on marble colors and your installation process, visit us at

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