Choosing the Best Counters for Your Laboratory

When you are in charge of designing and equipping a laboratory, you may have to shop for and choose dozens of different fixtures. Along with selecting what kinds of scopes, Petri dishes, beakers, and Bunsen burners to use in the lab, you also have to select actual furnishings that your lab workers will use on a daily basis.

In addition to choosing desks, chairs, and lights for the lab, you also will be expected to select what kinds of cabinets and counters to have installed in it. You may get the peace of mind and scientific results you want by opting for phenolic resin countertops.

The appeal factor behind phenolic resin countertops lie in the fact that this material can be easily cleaned and maintained. During the course of a normal day, your lab workers may test and experiment with dozens of different fluids and substances. These materials can range from human blood and fecal matter to ammonia, bleach, and ethanol.

If someone should happen to spill one of these substances on the counters, the mess can be cleaned up quickly without the counters actually suffering any damage. In fact, the material will resist absorbing and retaining the substance entirely. When the mess is cleaned up, the counter may look like it never had anything spilled on it in the first place.

Further, the counters are also relatively easy to keep sterile, which can be important if you want to avoid compromising test results. Specimens that come into contact with contaminants like bacteria, fungi, or viruses found on the tops of the counters could compromise the outcome of experiments being done in the lab. The counters made from this material will lower the chances of contamination and increase the likelihood of getting accurate results each time your workers test a specimen. If you are interested in phenolic resin countertops.

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