Choosing the Best Guns for your Airsoft Gun

If you are a big fan of airsoft and are considering investing in your own gun there are a few things you should know about the types of guns out there. Here is a brief overview of spring, gas and the popular Electric Airsoft Gun.

Spring Airsoft Guns

Spring guns are the perfect gun for beginners as they are the most basic. They use a spring to fire the pellet and work on mechanical power. This means you have to cock the gun every time you fire. Spring-powered sniper rifles are often used as a powerful choice for some upper-level players. Spring airsoft guns are magazine fed and semi-automatic. They are very affordable and reliable. This is the first gun of choice for all novices and most airsoft players have owned or used either a spring pistol or a rifle at some point.

Electric Guns

Electric guns such as an Electric Airsoft Gun use electric springs without the need to constantly manually cock your gun. These guns come in both semi-automatic and fully automatic choices. Electric guns are typically used as upper-level guns and this is reflected in the price. Automatic Electric Guns have really added to the appeal of Airsoft and players find it to be a very authentic experience. The automatic electric gun is powered by an on-board battery which makes the motor turn the gears. This compresses and releases a piston, which creates the blast to shoot. This system generates the power to support the fully automatic features. It gives a realistic Rate-Of-Fire from 600 – 900 Rounds-Per-Minute. Skirmish veterans love the Electric Airsoft Gunas it truly mimics the capabilities of real steel firearms.

Gas Airsoft Guns

Gas-powered airsoft guns are an intermediate gun perfect for outdoor target shooting. They shoot BB’s at higher velocities than a spring-powered airsoft gun. They come in both semi automatic and fully automatic models. Gas-powered airsoft guns run off of propane, CO2 or nitrogen. Gas-Blowback guns are the most popular as they are the most realistic, using either on-board or magazine-stored gas. The gas airsoft gun uses the same compressed gas to both propel the BB and to cycle the slide back. They are also called blowback guns. Players love these guns for their realistic recoil. The magazine can be emptied as quick as you are at pulling the trigger. They can be reloaded easily with a new magazine. People looking for an authentic simulation love this gun.

As you can see there are many gun options from spring to an Electric Airsoft Gun. Finding the one that best suits your playing level and knowledge will allow you the most enjoyment of the game. Contact Airsoft GI, we are one of the oldest online airsoft retailers in the industry with over 15,000 airsoft products.

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