Choosing The Best Rugs to Protecting The Entryway of Your Home

As your family and guests come back and forth, you may worry that your flooring will get damaged from dirt, snow, rain, or even sunshine. A great way to handle this is by putting an entryway rug near the door. This material reminds guests to dust off their shoes once they enter your home and will preserve your carpet or any other type of flooring. Also, this carpeting will set the tone for what visitors expect to see within your living space. Here are the ways to pick the best rug for your entryway.


When selecting your entry door rugs, remember they will undergo a great deal of foot traffic. To ensure your it can endure daily wear, choose materials that are sturdy and weaved in strong patterns. Check the tags for materials like sisal, bamboo, slat, hemp, seagrass, wool, and polypropylene. Also, look for rugs that have been knitted by hand or woven in a flat pattern because they will be more durable and easier to clean. As a bonus, pick rugs that have low pile heights because they can handle the most stress.


Because you want your entry door rugs to protect your other flooring, you may not think the style matters much. However, you can regret it later if clashes with your entryway décor or the rest of your home. Rather than just focusing on the material, consider the style also. If you have a prefer rustic fashions, pick a rug that has natural textures and earthy colors. For an artistic look, choose rugs with rich colors and bold geometric shapes.

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