Choosing the Right Garden Shrubs in Marlboro, NJ Will Keep Bees Away

When you are placing shrubs around a patio or property, you need to carefully consider your selection. That is because certain shrubs attract certain insects. When making this type of selection, you need to consult a landscaping company.

What Do You Want to Plant around Your House?

Garden shrubs in Marlboro, NJ can either attract butterflies or bees. Some shrubs attract hummingbirds or insects other than bees. That is why you need to speak to a professional landscaper when you make a selection. For example, you may want to place bushes around a patio for extra privacy. However, you cannot only pick a shrub based on how it looks. You also need to check on its care needs and if it is sun or shade-tolerant. Placement is the key to success in this respect.

For example, you cannot plant garden shrubs just because they are pretty in an area that gets a good bit of shade, especially if those plants love the sun. Doing so will make any placement unsuccessful. Maybe you are choosing a bush that attracts bees. This is not a good idea if you want to place the plant next to a patio or pool. The last thing you want is for someone to get stung.

Keep Things Private and Bee-free

That is why you need to review the garden shrubs that are recommended for placement around patios, decks, and pools. You also need to find out if they love the sun or shade. Maybe you want to attract wildlife such as hummingbirds. If so, you may want to ask your landscaper about what to plant in your backyard or close to your patio.

Who to Visit Online

The whole idea behind planting shrubs is making them enjoyable to view without causing unwanted distractions. You can find out more about your options by contacting a landscaper such as Do so today and find out how you can make your yard prettier while keeping the bees away.

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