Choosing the right leather tote handbag

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Shopping

A leather tote bag is one of the essential pieces that a well dressed woman will have in her wardrobe; it is extremely versatile and looks great with just about any outfit whether casual or cool chic. A nice thing about leather tote handbags is their versatility; they can be used to carry a wallet and other female “musts” as well as drag books and your laptop around in. Leather is not only beautiful, it is a very sturdy material even though much of feels buttery soft. Wholesale tote handbags in NYC will provide many years of service as they are classic in the design and hard to wear out.

The prices for leather tote handbags can vary dramatically; they can be quite reasonably priced or those that are designer made and labeled can cost thousands of dollars. Before you head off with the intention of buying a tote, you must get a handle on your budget.

Wholesale tote handbags in NYC are produced and made available in a rainbow of colors. In many cases a wise woman will choose a bag which is neutral in color; perhaps brown, black, gray or beige as it is versatile and will go well with almost every outfit. It’s not necessary to be conservative all the time, there are plenty of less expensive tote handbags in an array of color that can help you make your own statement, standout from the crowd.

When selecting a leather tote handbag, go for the best you can afford. Look for a bag which has exceptionally soft leather with sewn seams, not seams which have been glued together. Look carefully at the strap, stay away from a bag which has the ends of the straps held together with glue, look for sewn strap ends. The reason for this is simple, the tote bag can be used for somewhat heavier items such as books and it is not difficult for a glued strap to fail. As a tote is considerably larger than a purse they are relatively more expensive so you want one which will not easily fail.

If your budget will not get you into a designer leather tote there are options which can be investigated. You can often find bags of excellent quality from unknown designers, you can also opt for a bag made from faux leather, they won’t last as long but they certainly are less expensive.

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