Circumstances that Can Call for Sending in a State SR-22 in Waukegan IL

Law enforcement upholds its duty to protect the public by making sure that motorists are fully licensed and capable of driving sober. When someone is pulled over for a traffic infraction, the police officer first checks to make sure that the person’s car is registered, he or she is licensed and also that the motorist is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

People found to be in violation of these standards often receive tickets as well as fines and jail sentences. They also are many times ordered to send in a monthly SR-22 in Waukegan, IL, to keep their driving privileges. When the traffic court orders you to comply with this mandate, you can check out us website to discover a policy that will accommodate this requirement while providing you with the coverage that you are legally obligated to carry.

Driving Uninsured

One of the main reasons that drivers must submit an SR-22 in Waukegan, IL, involves proving that they are insured. This document is essentially proof that the driver accepts financial responsibilities for his or her driving behaviors. Accepting responsibility involves carrying liability or full coverage on his or her vehicle.

Your insurer can send out the document to the state’s department of motor vehicles or traffic court every month. After receiving the document, the state allows you to keep your driving privileges for another 30 days.

The policy that you buy when you check out will also provide you with sufficient coverage in case you get into an accident or other mishap while driving. You can learn more about contacting Alamo Insurance & Financial Services at today.

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