Cleaning Duct Openings And Vent Covers And Other Problems That Are Addressed By An Industrial HVAC Service In Gulfport MS

The ducts that are connected to a central heating and cooling system need to be cleaned out in order to eliminate dust and debris that can contribute to improper airflow. When a unit’s components are dirty, it can take longer to heat or cool a home. Dust can decrease the quality of the air inside of a residence. Some basic tools and steps can be used to clean each duct opening and vent cover. As a result, heating or cooling bills will remain consistent and a unit will not need to be turned on as often as it previously was.

Before duct openings are cleaned, a unit’s power needs to be turned off. A power drill or screwdriver can be used to loosen and remove hardware pieces that are secured to vent covers. Any loose debris that is inside of each duct opening can be eliminated with a shop vacuum’s hose. Afterwards, residue that is stuck on the interior walls of each duct can be eliminated with soapy water and a hand held scrub brush. Once stains have been removed, a soft cloth or sponge that has been dampened with water will eliminate soapy residue that is still present. A clean cloth that is wiped over the interior walls will dry treated surfaces.

If vent covers are dirty, a vacuum hose will help loosen and remove dust that is stuck in between the slats that run across the surface of each one. Any stubborn stains that are on the vent covers can be removed by placing each cover in a bucket of warm, soapy water for a few minutes. Afterwards, a scrub brush can be moved back and forth over each cover’s exterior. Once stains have been eliminated, covers need to be rinsed off with water and dried with a towel.

If all efforts have been made to clean duct openings and covers and a heating and cooling system is still not operating properly, an Industrial HVAC Service in Gulfport MS needs to be contacted. A technician will diagnose any problems and will replace parts that are needed. Teddy Bear Services or a similar company that offers HVAC Service in Gulfport MS will also assist with keeping the system maintained.

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