Cold Storage Buildings Created Through Modular Building in California

How does California keep so much produce and beef, not to mention wine, cold? Obviously, the answer is cold storage, but the state is warm most of the year, with exceptions in the higher altitudes and northernmost corners. Additionally, you might be wondering how they can build cold storage quick enough to prevent product loss. You might be interested in learning that there is some excellent modular building design in California focused on cold storage. Here’s how it works.

A Ground Space is Leveled and Designated for the Building

The first step is to select a plot of land, make it as level as possible, and then measure out the area on which to construct the building. The amount of space available that is properly leveled dictates how big the modular building design in California’s designing offices can make this structure. Then every modular piece is crafted in a factory.

The Modules Are Installed Over a Concrete Slab

Modular building pieces for the purpose of cold storage are many layers thick to keep cold in and heat out. The pieces are installed over a concrete slab that helps maintain the cold temperatures inside the structure. Each section is crafted to easily fit together and secure at corners. The ceiling is the last part to be installed because it often contains the refrigeration units. Customization of the internal space all depends on the client requesting the modular cold storage and what the cold storage will be used for (e.g., meat locker, produce, wine production and storage, etc.).

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