Commercial Security Solutions in the Chicago Metropolitan Area

Access Control for Businesses

You could secure your business in Chicago or the surrounding area with a proper commercial access control system. This type of conventional technology restricts access to all entrances into your office space, warehouse, or other type of facility. An access control unit significantly reduces the risk of theft, vandalism, and other criminal acts on a private property. By having the appropriate access control network installed at your business, you may also qualify for discounts on insurance rates and other expenses involving common liability.

Access Control Technologies

A commercial access control system should include a central network that records and stores information on every transaction. For example, an external web-based database could collect data on the date, time, and location of each activation by an authorized individual. Key cards and key fobs could be programmed to work with the custom access control system at your business. Recognizing fingerprints or facial features, a biometric keypad may also be installed for a higher level of security.

Using online applications, you could remotely monitor the entry and exit points of your entire building. Failed access attempts at the doors and gates should lead to immediate notifications for a quick response. A sophisticated access control unit should set a limit at the number of attempts for an entry into a secure facility.

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