Conducting Active Duty Verification

Those who serve in our military have risked their very lives to protect our freedoms and rights. They are a vital component in the defense of our country and are respected members of society. Because of the nature of their service it was necessary to offer them some legal protections.

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act was created by President Bush and signed in 2003. This Act offers protections to active military personnel. These protections are: staying court hearings if military service changes the person’s ability to defend their interests, reducing interest to 6% for pre-service loans and obligations, requiring court action before a servicememeber’s family can be evicted for nonpayment if the rent is less than $1,200, termination of a pre-service residential lease, and allowing military personnel to retain their state of residence for tax purposes even if they have been relocated to other states.

These protections are offered to military personnel who are considered to be on active duty. For this reason, the courts or businesses find that they need to be able to seek Active Duty Verification. Active Duty Verification can be achieved in several manners, from using a dedicated service to searching online yourself. It is advisable to use a company or service that provides documentation to verify that their information is accurate. If you choose to search online yourself and you have made an error or found inaccurate information you will be liable.

Generally when you conduct Active Duty Verification you must be certain that you have accurate information. If you have a social security number for the person you are searching for you have a better chance of getting accurate information. There are sites that can provide a search without a social security number. The other option is to write a letter to each branch of the military and enclose a check for $5.20 to each asking for active duty verification. Some of the branches can take up to 5 months to reply, so keep that in mind if you need the Active Duty Verification right away.

Whatever your reason for needing Active Duty Verification, know that compliance with the SCRA is important. Many people need to seek this information, such as court personnel, attorneys and landlords. Courts generally require documentation of a proper search, so be sure that you choose a method that can prove this.

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