Considerations When Choosing a Leadership Development Program

A company that wants to experience growth will need to invest in a leadership development program at some point. Research has indicated companies exhibiting good leadership are more productive and usually better off financially. Finding the right training can help leaders emerge and hone in on leadership skills. There are many programs to choose from, but you want the right one for your company culture and atmosphere. Here are some considerations to make when choosing a leadership development program.

Covering the Fundamentals

The first thing to check is if a program covers the fundamentals when it comes to training leaders. It should be integrity based and focus on the basic principles of emotional intelligence. To make it worth the investment, it needs to develop strong leaders.

Reflect Company Values

The right leadership development program will not only reflect the core values of your company, but it should also reinforce them. The culture of your company is defined by core values and leaders need to understand critical decisions need to be based on those core values.


A good program will have options for continuing training and reinforcement. Holding a one-day conference or one with only one or two sessions don’t have sustainability. Participants need to have more opportunities for reinforcing what is learned in the initial training. Good training will have pre and post-training assessments to measure and track the specific skills covered in the program.


Make sure the program you choose is customizable to the needs and culture of your company and industry. Facilitators should be able to relate to participants and the challenges they face daily. Training should also contain examples and case studies relevant to leaders in the company.

Multilevel Application

Programs need to be versatile and applicable to emerging leaders to help them develop skills. However, it also needs to develop the veteran leader as well. Veteran and emerging leaders need the opportunity to work together and learn from one another. Choose a program applicable to leaders who are developing at all levels.

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