Considerations when purchasing commercial flooring

When commercial floors in Birkenhead are being considered, the first thing is the actual application. A floor surface in a car showroom is very different than the foot traffic in a busy hallway. The material that is chosen has to meet the demands of the area in which it will be installed.

Installation considerations:

Any and all flooring has an installation element in the cost. It is recommended that the material be assessed for its short and long term costs, paying scant attention to the installation costs. Often the more expensive floor is the better option as it lasts longer and is less costly to maintain.

Maintenance option:

The costs to maintain commercial floors in Birkenhead must be considered. Concrete floors are inexpensive to maintain as they can be treated with epoxy which makes them easy to clean, carpeting, as long as it is not in an area where it is subject to staining is inexpensive to maintain as all it needs is a vacuuming on a regular basis. Natural stone floors and to a lesser extent, vinyl, require more maintenance as they need to be waxed and buffed to look at their best.


Commercial floors take a beating and they often need replacing. The longer the life of the material the less frequent will be the need for replacement but this has to be tempered with the length of time you expect to be in the building.

Ease of replacement:

Durable materials need to be balanced against the ease of replacement. A granite floor is very durable and hard wearing, however it is difficult to remove and replace, carpet on the other hand may not be as hard wearing but it is quick and easy to replace.


As you are concerned with floor installer in Birkenhead, you must be concerned with liability. Although a highly polished marble floor may look great, if a client or an employee should slip and fall, you may find that you are sued for negligence. You need a material that looks good but has decent traction, even when wet.


In applications where people are on their feet for many hours of the day, such as a hospital or restaurant, you are also looking for a floor that has some “give,” this helps to fight the fatigue that sets in after standing for many hours on an unforgiving surface.

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