Contact Tree Pruning in Richmond VA To Eliminate Diseased Or Dangerous Branches

Working with trees can be dangerous work and if you aren’t experienced, you should hire a professional tree service Richmond VA to handle the work for you. There are numerous reasons why you would need to use a tree service to prune and care for your trees. Tree pruning is done by removing damaged branches from a tree, which helps to keep the entire tree healthy. Tree pruning is also done if there are safety issues involved such as low hanging branches or branches close to electrical lines.

The act of pruning actually wounds the tree but when done right it can benefit the tree. If tree pruning is not done correctly, it can harm the tree. Professional tree pruning service in Richmond VA can trim the offended branches from your tree with the proper care that your tree deserves. Tree pruning should be done in late winter or early spring and should be avoided during hot dry periods or extreme cold. Some tree diseases such as the oak wilt for example, will spread into the pruning wound so pruning must be done when it is dormant. Diseased, dead or broken branches should be removed as soon as possible to prevent insect infestation and decay. Top pruning should be done to increase sunlight and air to the tree, which will also relieve some of the disease problem. To provide more water and food for the tree, suckers and water sprouts should be eliminated as well.

If you are concerned about tree safety, tree pruning Richmond VA can remove low hanging branches or branches that are weaving through electrical lines. It’s important to remove branches that are close to electrical lines because of sparks and fires that could occur if the branch falls on the wires.

When looking for a tree service company find one that is qualified and experienced with a good reputation. Also, find out if there is an arborist on staff. Certified arborists are trained in caring for and treating trees. Ask for referrals from your family and friends. On Angie’s List, an Internet website, you can find reviews about local tree services that may also help you in your search as well.

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