Convenient Dental Crowns in Chicago

The process of getting permanent dental crowns in Chicago used to take a few appointments, including laboratory costs, and take a week or more of time. That meant messy and uncomfortable molds being made, a temporary crown is placed on the tooth, and taking more time off from work to accommodate at least two appointments. Advances in equipment and technology have made the entire process quicker and more convenient.

A CEREC machine can be used to fabricate a permanent ceramic crown right at the dentist’s office. A digital scan of the tooth provides the information needed, and the machine can create the crown in about one hour. That eliminates extra costs, reduces the time it takes for fixing a broken tooth, and does not require a temporary crown at all. The machinery is not found at all dentist offices. Dentists have to make the initial investment in the equipment and be trained and certified by the manufacturer before offering the convenience of CEREC technology.

Many general dentist offices do not offer same-day permanent crowns. Offices that offer comprehensive services are more likely to have the capabilities for on-site ceramic crown fabrication. The reason for that is ceramic crowns are used for cosmetic dentistry as well as restorative dentistry. The increased demands for crowns make the investment worth the time and money required.

Dental Crowns in Chicago are used for restoring broken or cracked teeth but are also used to correct imperfections of teeth. Patients who want a consistent and straight smile, for example, will often have crowns placed on teeth that may be shaped differently than the rest. They can be placed on a single tooth or a few teeth. When more than a few teeth need to be re-shaped, veneers are more commonly used. Crowns can also ensure the same whiteness for all the front teeth. Professional tooth whitening treatments may be able to make the color consistent but will do nothing for the shape of the teeth. When one of those cosmetic crowns breaks, people, want it fixed immediately. Knowing crowns can be created in an hour may determine which office people select for cosmetic procedures.

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