Copier Repair Service Santa Rosa

In the worst of situations a machine breaks down and you find yourself searching the phone book for a copier repair service in Santa Rosa. While nobody wants to do this, sometimes repairs are an emergency. When life throws you a lemon, often a copier repair service Santa Rosa can turn that lemon into lemonade. That’s the good news. The even better news is that you can prevent major problems by paying very good attention to your machine and noticing when it isn’t feeling good to begin with. Most machines start throwing off signals before they have a major malfunction.

For example, when wheels need oiling, typically they squeak. When too many paper jams begin occurring, you may have dust built up in the copier requiring cleaning. Even copy machines require regular maintenance. If you vacuum office floors regularly, you should be vacuuming your office machine as well. Dust can grow anywhere it wants. Why wouldn’t it settle on and in the copier? It’s a cozy place and if no one is cleaning there, more dust will grow to jam things up.

Low ink is a problem that anyone can easily remedy by readily having ink cartridges available. Sometimes the ink tanks need to be cleaned. Most machines have a setting you can click to that will allow the tank to clean itself. Just find this setting and run it. Yes, this uses up a bit of ink, but in the end it is well worth it. Let the machine do a little self-maintenance every now and again. It is far better for you to do some basic maintenance than to have a machine run down at the worst possible moment.

Cleaning the surface and glass of a machine will also help keep a machine in tip top shape. If not using a machine, shut it down or keep it in lower power mode to prevent burnout. Using enough paper is important, as is gently closing the lid of a copy machine. Many machines have been broken simply by rough handling. Because the lid of most machines can be heavy, it is common for the lid to come crashing down on a machine. If this happens several times in a day, the machine can break. Think about it. How would you feel if you were dropped on your lid?

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