Cosmetic Dentistry In Eastman GA Has Come A Long Way

If you have not paid attention to what is happening in dentistry for a while, you might be surprised by how much better they have gotten at giving people beautiful smiles. At one time, using braces to straighten teeth was about as far as most people would ever go and required an uncomfortable and unattractive device as a part of the bargain. Since then, Cosmetic Dentistry Eastman GA has come to include methods that are both a lot more effective and a lot less uncomfortable to use.

In terms of straightening teeth, more current options in Cosmetic Dentistry Eastman GA are superior in almost every way to the older braces. You can get clear braces that are much less apparent on your teeth. There are also designs that are affixed to the insides of the teeth rather than the outsides, to keep them away from view. If you really want to minimize the visual impact and inconvenience, there are even products that use a series of trays that you wear around your teeth, changing every few weeks as they move toward the correct positions. These function like braces, but can be removed freely when you want to eat, talk, or just have them out of the way.

Cosmetic Dentistry Eastman GA also includes much better options for whitening than it did years ago. There are obviously some products on the market that you can buy in stores, but these are relatively weak and are really only suited for people who want to touch up the color of their teeth a little bit. For more pronounced results, you have the option of either buying stronger products from the dentist to use at home, or going to office visits to use even stronger products yet. These strongest options are limited to office visits because the concentration is high enough that you have to have a protective substance on your gums while using them.

If you have always wanted the type of smile that you see in magazines but you assumed that it was a matter of genetics and luck, you will be shocked by how much Cosmetic Dentistry Eastman GA can actually achieve. Talk to your dentist and find out more about which products and approaches might be best for your situation.


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