Create Custom Awards People Will Love

Everybody loves receiving an award. It doesn’t matter what it’s for. Just being recognized for hard work or achievements can go a long way. As an employer or organization head, you may be thinking about creating custom globe awards for your group or company but are unsure of how to make them stand out. Follow these simple tips to make your next awards ceremony one to truly remember.

1. Break Away from the Mold

There are a lot of different award styles on the market today. Unfortunately, people more often than not turn to the traditional or overly used designs and shapes. Things like rectangles and other basic models are far too common. Make your awards stand out with unique designs. Custom globe awards are popular with many different industries and areas looking to give their people something to share with the world.

2. Use Images When Possible

Thanks to modern technology, it is very easy to incorporate images onto custom awards. While the shape and design of your custom awards will draw the eye, it is this attention to detail that will make people talk about and compliment your design.

Care should be given when selecting images to use on custom awards. If you have a brand, always stick in line with your marketing or branding that is in place. This does not mean to simply use company logos, but use them in new and fun ways to spice things up a bit.

3. Use Quotes or Messages

There is a lot more space on an award than most people realize. You can place almost anything on a or some other custom design. Use this space wisely by placing memorable quotes or heartfelt messages specific to the recipients. This makes people feel special and shows that you care.

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