Creating a Comfortable Environment While in Your Fayetteville Apartment

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Student Housing Center

You’ve reached the point where you’re on your own and you have your own space. However, you don’t know exactly how to decorate your apartment while you’re in school. There are a few easy design ideas to consider that can bring life to any room of your new home.

The Basics

The first thing that should be done when you move into student apartments in Fayetteville, AR is to get the furniture that you need. Even if you have to get items from a secondhand store until you can buy new items, you’re going to need a bed, dresser, and something to sit on when you’re at home. If you find something at a secondhand or consignment store, you can always add a little bit of personality to it with paint and decorations.


Spice up any room in student apartments in Fayetteville, AR with pieces of art. These could be pictures that you hang on the walls, objects that you put on tables, or larger items that you display in corners. Think about the designs that you like and what really sets off the colors that are already in your home instead of getting something just because you need to fill a space.


Many apartments have laminate flooring. If they do have carpet, it’s typically just in the bedrooms. A plush rug can be used as a way to provide comfort while you’re walking, especially on cold mornings. Consider a large area rug if you don’t like the idea of laminate floors.

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