Critter Control: A Full-Service Pest Control Company in Dallas, TX

Critter Control offers pest control in Dallas, TX. The full-service pest-control company has been in the business of humane pest removal for over thirty years. They provide services for both commercial and residential clients who have an existing animal or pest problem. The company offers alternatives to the extermination of animals and removal services for dead animals you have discovered on your property.

Residential pest control in Dallas TX

If you have discovered animals such as raccoons, squirrels, or snakes inside your home, attic, or basement, Critter Control will remove these animals effectively. These technicians provide humane trapping options for capturing and removing these common pests. Traps are strategically placed within problem areas to allow capture without placing your family at risk.

Residential Damage Control

After the animals are removed from your home, this full-service provider repairs all areas that were damaged by these animals. This includes roofing replacement. The service will also provide clean-up services for the interior and exterior of your home. Follow-up services are provided by this pest control in Dallas, TX option.

Commercial Services

This full-service animal control company will perform these services for any commercial business that requires animal removal. This is especially beneficial for land clearings for commercial construction projects. The specialists enter the area and set up safe and humane traps to enable them to remove all animals from these areas. They also offer bird control within commercial areas, which allow them to relocate several species of birds without injury.

The A-Team

The A-Team is a group within this pest and animal control company that performs large-scale animal removals. They take emergency action to remove animals that may present high-risks to citizens or visitors of any public location. The team coordinates rescue efforts to remove these animals safely and effectively.

Management Programs

As a humane pest control in Dallas TX provider, Critter Control has a wildlife management program. All animals that are removed from residential and commercial properties are placed within a wildlife management habitat. The wildlife specialists consist of wildlife managers and other professionals who care for and maintain the welfare of animals. The program additionally rescues animals that are involved in oil spills and other man-made disasters.

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