Custom Cable Assemblies: Basic Requirements

Custom cable assemblies are not a rarity. They pop up everywhere, appearing in diverse applications that range across the industrial spectrum. They provide a variety of services, from sending data to providing the power required in some critical missions. Such functions heighten the need for those providing the assemblies to get it right on the first try.

Basic Requirements for Assemblies

In providing the right custom cable assembly, a company must be sure to adhere to the basic requirements for all such devices. They must be:

• Reliable

• Durable

• Strong

• Environmentally appropriate

Companies need to produce custom cable assemblies that are capable of continuously transmitting signals to the designated target. They must also be able to do so no matter what the weather or environmental conditions of the location are. To achieve this, the cable assemblies must be strong enough to endure whatever mechanical stresses they encounter during their daily function.

To meet this goal, the manufacturers must be sure to put the product through several rigorous qualification or validation testing of all aspects. This helps to ensure the product meets the customer’s requirements and specifications. It produces a product that meets whatever demands may arise from its electrical mechanical and environmental applications.

Custom Cable Assemblies

When it comes to the production of custom cable assemblies, companies need to ensure the results adhere to basic characteristics essential for their optimum and continued operation. Testing the product provides assurance the assemblies can withstand whatever the application involves while providing the specific services required.

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