Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication: The Benefits Of Using Aluminum

With custom sheet metal fabrication work, the metal of choice has traditionally been steel. However, aluminum is quickly becoming a popular alternative. Whether shearing, drilling, or stamping, this metal is increasingly finding use in a variety of applications. Aluminum sheet metal components are finding their way into a variety of standard and customized products.

Why Choose Aluminum?

Aluminum is truly an attractive metal for fabricators. In spite of certain challenges – mainly in welding and laser cutting, aluminum possesses several attractive qualities that make it ideal for engineers, designers, and fabricators. These include:

• A high degree of corrosion resistance

• Lightweight with one-third the density of steel

• Strength and durability – comparable to carbon steel

• Non-sparking

• Non-magnetic

• Conductive

• Ductile and malleable

• Sterile or sanitary qualities

• Attractive lustrous, silvery-white appearance

These qualities make aluminum the perfect alloy for custom sheet metal fabrication, particularly precision stamping. Such characteristics can be further enhanced by alloying with other metals


Custom aluminum sheet fabrication produces many applications for various industries. The top two are

1. Food and beverage processing

2. Pharmaceuticals

However, aluminum is also a favorite metal for providing components for many other industries including

• Aerospace

• Automotive

• Construction

• Electronics

• Lighting

• Marine

• Medical

Aluminum can meet the specifications and satisfy the demands of many manufacturers. Customization allows fabricators to further extend the capabilities of aluminum components to address industrial concerns. At the same time, it provides a unique part – a specific representation of what a particular industry needs to produce a new prototype or a small or short run of a truly individual component.

Aluminum Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

While working with aluminum does entail certain challenges, they can be overcome by skill, experience, and the processes of a skilled fabrication shop. When it comes to custom sheet metal fabrication sevices, while steel remains the most popular metal, aluminum is quickly becoming a viable and highly attractive alternative. It is achieving this through all the right reasons – or, should we say, properties.

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