Customize Chocolate Bridal Shower Favors

Your bridal shower is a time for your family and friends to shower you with gifts to celebrate your pending marriage. While the shower is about you and your wedding, you want your guests to know you appreciate them and everything they have done for you. One way you can do this is through the bridal shower favors you give them. Chocolate coins are a great option for these favors, giving them something they can enjoy.


Most bridal showers have a specific theme, whether that theme indicates the type of gift guests should bring or it simply reflects the bride’s personality. When you can implement that theming into your shower favors, your guests will be impressed. This is where chocolate coins can work well because you will be able to customize them so they match the theme of the shower.


The best way to make your bridal shower favors fit well with your shower is through the customization available. When you choose chocolate coins as your favors, the foil in which they are wrapped comes in a rainbow of colors, allowing you to pick one or two that match your theme. In addition, you can have both the chocolate and the foil stamped with any picture or words you desire to make the most unique favors.

Great Chocolate

You might be able to find chocolates you can use for your favors at a local store. However, if you choose a store that doesn’t specialize in chocolates, you may find you have bought low-quality chocolate that doesn’t taste right. When you choose only the best Belgian chocolate, you will be sure your guests enjoy the favors. While some people may keep them as a token of the bridal shower, more of your guests will eat them. This is why you want to be sure you are choosing great chocolate, rather than mediocre chocolate.

Only the best chocolate will serve the purpose for your bridal shower favors. As you look at the options you have for these favors, you can customize them so they fit in with your theme, including the color of the wrappers and the image or words imprinted directly on the chocolate and foil. When you provide your guests with high-quality chocolates they can actually enjoy eating, you will find your guests are more than happy to attend your event and share in any other special moments you have in the future.

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