Daffodil Bulbs Prove to Be More than Just a Pretty Plant

Spring is approaching. What better way to say spring than with a garden full of daffodil bulbs. Daffodils, or narcissus, are bulbs that flower mostly in the spring, making them a sure sign of spring. A sad fact is they have a brief bloom time. You can take the appropriate measures to assure your bulbs will bloom. As a gardener, you may choose to leave your bulbs in the ground all year, or you may prefer to dig them up and store until the fall planting season. Planting daffodil bulbs can make your landscaping beautiful once they bloom. Not only is this plant beautiful, it has been proven to have a medicinal benefit as well.

Assuring the Daffodils Bloom

Now that you have decided to plant daffodil bulbs, you want to make sure they bloom. It’s all about the location. It is important to give daffodils at least a half day of full sun in winter. The more sun it receives, the more energy the bulb generates to ensure a bloom. Make sure you learn the daffodil bulb gene to ensure a long life expectancy. A weaker gene will generate a large bloom that may last between four and six years. After that, you will be left with clumps of foliage. Planting the bulbs in too shallow ground can increase the risk of damage, affecting the bloom. Be sure to use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer and use it one to two times a year. Daffodil bulbs prefer a soil that is slightly acidic. This type of soil will assure the bulbs reach their maximum potential.

Natural Medicine

Daffodil bulbs, leaves and flowers are being used to make medicine. There are many safety concerns but many people use it for whooping cough, colds and even asthma. It has also been reported as being used to induce vomiting.

Many people make a plaster from daffodil bulbs. A cloth is then taken, with the plaster applied and put it on the skin to treat burns, joint pain, strains and other wounds. Daffodil bulbs contain chemicals that help reduce pain. Daffodil bulbs are also being researched as a possible aid in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. It is unsafe if taken orally so it is important to do your research should you choose to use it in a manner that is not recommended.

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