Dallas Interior Decorator Will Help You Achieve Your Design Goals

Is your new home under construction? Have you purchased an older home that you plan to renovate? Are you moving your company into new office space? If you answered yes to any of these questions, sooner or later you will need the services of an imaginative interior decorator. If you live in Texas, there is an Interior Decorator Dallas who can help you realize your vision.

Some folks are initially uncomfortable about hiring someone to help them decorate their home. It may be that they fear the decorator will not think their ideas are worthy of consideration. They might be concerned the professional will take complete control of the project and their home will not reflect their tastes and style. This is not the case with most interior decorating firms. The decorator should guide the client through the decorating process without forcing their ideas on the them. The ideal situation is for the decorator and client to work as partners with both parties contributing to the project.

What services can clients expect from decorators like the Interior Decorator Dallas? There are decorators who provide everything from a one-time color consultation to complete project management. Some of their services include lighting design, kitchen and bath design, space planning, furniture layout, and assistance with selecting furniture, window treatments, flooring, upholstery, fixtures, and accessories. Decorators use computer aided designs to give clients a three dimensional look at their completed project. Some offer an online design service for clients who want professional decorating assistance, but prefer a hands on approach. Everything the client needs to complete their project is contained in a PDF file sent to their email.

We’ve touched on what interior decorators can do for residential clients, but haven’t mentioned the services available to commercial customers. Decorating firms can create a design for newly constructed office space or for renovation of an existing office. They will take into consideration the business conducted in your offices and the type of client you serve. The decorating of your reception area and offices will reflect this as well as provide a pleasant and comfortable working environment.

It doesn’t matter how large or small the project. You may be converting a spare room into a nursery or decorating an entire house. Whatever you envision for your project, your interior decorator will work with you to achieve your goals.



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