Dealing with a Judgment Lien on Real Property?

Real estate property is generally seen as an investment. But in a lot of cases, it can also work as a form of collateral. Sometimes that collateral is voluntary, used as a way to secure a loan. Other times, it is due to a judgment.

A judgment lien on real property is when a creditor files a lawsuit against a debtor. The creditor wins the suit and is granted a judgment on the property. What does that mean? Well, should the agreed upon payments be missed, the creditor would have the legal right to claim the property.

Offering a Fast Solution

If you have had a judgment lien on real property, it can be a heavy weight to bare. But there are solutions to be had. Companies such as Mayflower Judgments buy properties that have liens on them all the time.

They also offer cash, meaning that you can get out from beneath the property and walk away with cash in hand. The process can be simple and quick, allowing you to get out from under the stress that can come with judgment.

Making Things Easier

Perhaps best of all is that the process is simple and easy. Just contact the judgment company and they will get the process rolling. That means assessing the lien or judgment, making a cash offer, and getting you your money all within a few days. That is the kind of quick action that a situation like this requires.

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