Dealing With Confusing Information About Childhood Food Allergies in Louisville KY

Parents may feel bewildered when they face contradictory information about food allergies in children. If their first child has any food allergies in Louisville KY, the second child is more at risk of having the same problem. However, certain strategies to prevent the development of food allergies have been discredited. Anyone concerned about these issues will want to speak with a medical doctor specializing in allergy diagnosis and treatment.

Contradictions About Peanut Allergies

Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine reports that there is no greater risk of peanut allergy developing if children eat these nuts before the age of 3 years old. This contradicts the long-standing theory that kids should avoid eating peanuts or peanut butter until they are older than 3. This new information does not necessarily apply to children who have immediate family members with the problem, however. An allergist can provide further insight into this issue.

Reactions to Dairy

With the prevalence of food allergies in Louisville KY and throughout the nation increasing, parents are understandably worried about their youngsters developing severe reactions to certain substances. Many children are moderately allergic to dairy products from infancy but outgrow the allergy before kindergarten. Some, however, develop severe allergies to these foods even if they were not fed any dairy products before the age of 1 year old.

Allergen Proteins

Proteins that are harder for the body to digest are the ones most likely to cause allergic reactions. That explains why soy, wheat, eggs, dairy, peanuts and tree nuts, and fish and shellfish are the most common culprits. These proteins also do not break down very well during cooking. People who are allergic have an inflammatory response from the immune system.

Guidance for Parents

An allergist such as medical doctor C. Steven Smith can test children for allergies to food and provide guidance to parents. Peanut allergies in particular, can be dangerous for children and adults alike. In the event of a positive result for this allergy, parents must learn how to keep their youngster safe in all environments. That can be a major challenge. Click here to learn more about this particular doctor.

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