Decaying Teeth? A Dental Office in Cabot Ar Has Solutions

Decaying teeth are one of the most common dental health issues dentists see. The issue can affect people from all social classes and of different ages. The end result can be tooth loss if the condition is not treated. The type of treatments chosen depend on the extent of the tooth decay. Most dentists make every effort to save teeth rather than extract them, but if there is significant root damage, this is not always possible. The issue of man having decayed teeth likely dates back to the prehistoric days. Today, people know to brush their teeth, but many do not know the the dangers of acid erosion and other circumstances that can break down enamel.

Fillings are one of the most common treatments used by dentists for cavities. They are available in a variety of materials. Different people favor certain materials for their own personal reasons. Those who want the most durable treatments may want to opt for metal. If the appearance of the fillings is important, and you want them undetectable, opt for resin or porcelain fillings.

Extensive damage to the tooth may prompt a dental office in Cabot Ar, to use treatments that cover a larger portion of the teeth. Veneers are tooth caps, and they are often used to correct visible tooth decay. Crowns are another option that dentists use. Veneers closely resemble natural teeth, crowns are available in natural teeth options and metal. Personal preference and your finances may affect your treatment decision.

If you suspect that you have tooth decay, you need to get to a Dental Office in Cabot Ar, as soon as possible. If the issue is allowed to persist, it may require more aggressive treatments. You may even find yourself needing to have the affected tooth extracted. There is a way to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant, but you must have enough bone tissue to accommodate the implant.

Sometimes tooth decay gets advanced enough that it diminishes bone tissue during the decay process. Bone grafts can usually regenerate bone tissue, but you can save a lot of time and resources by promptly seeing your dentist for suspected tooth decay issues.

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