Decorating Your Home with Vintage Décor: A How-To Guide

As trends in fashion and home décor cycle around every few decades, vintage pieces become popular with modern decorators. There are many young homeowners who love their hand-me-down home collectibles and just as many older Americans who enjoy finding pieces from a time gone by that they remember well. Whichever describes you, here’s your guide to decorating your space with vintage rugs, furniture and more – and getting the most out of your pieces!

Know When to Mix and When to Match

A fun bohemian look can be attained by mixing fabrics, prints, and colors in your home, but you don’t want your space to look too thrown-together. For a balance between mixed-up and matched-up, group pieces together by like color or matching theme to give a sense of cohesion throughout each room or your overall space.

Achieve Shabby Chic

One popular style for those who love decorating with vintage pieces is so-called “shabby-chic”. In this trend, you might see distressed wooden tables, painted metal frames with crackling finishes or aging metal bedframes recovered from salvage yards and topped with lacy, vintage bedclothing. Whatever you choose to do with the trend, keep it classy by mixing soft colors or materials with sturdy woods and metals.

Use Larger Elements to Bring Together Rooms

Vintage rugs and tapestries are an excellent way to combine multiple design elements in a single space. Whether it’s an intricate design that combines several colors seen throughout the rest of the space or a large swath of soft color that brings muted polish to a room that is otherwise busy with vintage collectibles, rugs and tapestries are a great choice for finishing your favorite rooms in a single step.

Ask your Memorial area rug and flooring retailer about their selection of carpets, tapestries and more, and how you can bring home the vintage look that completes your room.

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