Defense Lawyers See a Rise in Violent Crime Rates During the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, rates for certain types of violent crime in the United States have spiked significantly. In contrast, the rate of property crimes has decreased. This is true across the country, in cities both small and large.

The police department in Evansville, Indiana, has reported a trend in violent crimes committed by two or more people. Anyone who has been arrested and charged by law enforcement may want to contact an Evansville criminal defense lawyer.

TV station WFIE published a report on the problem as discussed by the city’s police chief. This is not necessarily gang activity, so the police refer to it as group crime instead. More than half of the murders and non-fatal shootings in this area are connected with group crime.

Across the nation, robbery rates actually have been lower during the pandemic. The same is true for burglary. In contrast, arrests for aggravated assault have increased. In southern Indiana, an Evansville criminal defense lawyer provides legal representation for individuals charged with these offenses.

Sociologists and other social scientists have theories about these trends. The stress of the pandemic, including a sense of isolation due to social distancing, is relevant. Everyday life was disrupted for a long time as people dealt with lockdowns.

Significantly more firearms were sold than usual, partly because of political forces. Many individuals felt worried about the potential for stricter gun regulations with the Democrats in control of Congress and the White House.

A person who has been charged with a violent crime may find contact information for a criminal defense lawyer at Law Office of Jared Michel Thomas.

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