Delivering Home Heating Oil In Norwich, CT

Did you know heating oil is the main source of heat in over eight million U.S. homes? People in the northeast, and other places with long winters, heat their homes with oil. Oil is generally used in buildings that have boilers or furnaces.

Heating oil is trucked to homes and businesses with underground storage tanks. People usually fill up in the summer and early fall, because prices are lower. Heating oil is refined oil made from petroleum. It’s very similar to diesel oil. Homeowners can also get dyed kerosene and low sulfur diesel delivered.

If you need Home Heating Oil in Norwich, CT, you can get automatic local delivery service. Most oil delivery companies have a range of payment plans that make heating affordable for you:

price cap–this plan protects you from rate hikes during the cold weather. It’s a ten-month budget plan–your costs are evenly divided during the heating season. You never have to pay more than the cap price.

pre-paid fixed price-locks in your price per gallon during the contract (Sept. 1 through June 1). You don’t have to worry about market ups and downs. Most importantly, you know your heating costs in advance.

Automatic delivery-temperature driven program that allows the oil company to determine when you need Home Heating Oil in Norwich, CT. The automatic system tells the company when you need oil. You don’t want to run out during a snow storm.

Your home will need maintenance from time to time. The oil company is your source for many services including:

Heating System Installation And Repairs

Heating System Upgrades

Heating System Conversion

Homeowners Are Advised To Purchase One Of Our Service Plans. Many Service Plans Include:

Annual Heating Inspection And Cleaning

System Efficiency Test

Parts Repair And Replacement

Oil Fired Water Heater Service

Tank Warranty

Tank Inspection

Homeowners Can Also Purchase Products:

Boilers-Single And Multi-Unit


Water Heaters

Forced Hot-Water Baseboard Systems

Forced Hot Air Systems

Make sure your heating oil delivery company is licensed and bonded. You want a company with the best qualified workers. Your’re trusting the company to keep you warm during the winter. Make sure it’s a warm, cozy winter. For quality heating oil Visit Andersen Oil Co

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