Dental Implants: A Modern Alternative to Bridges or Dentures

For years, dentures and bridges were the go-to solutions for missing teeth. These treatments could be uncomfortable, impractical and often involved changing the surrounding healthy teeth and causing bone deterioration. Today, dental implants are the preferred solution for missing teeth because they are permanent, natural-looking and don’t damage the surrounding teeth or jawbone.

If you’re considering getting dental implants in Lincoln Park, understanding the process can help you prepare for your procedure.

What is the process for getting dental implants?

The process for getting dental implants in Lincoln Park or elsewhere begins with an individualized assessment. Your gums and bone must be healthy enough to hold the dental implant securely, and you must practice proper oral hygiene in the future.

Next, a small titanium post is placed into the missing tooth’s bone socket. This is the actual implant, and as your jawbone heals, it will grow around the post, securing it into your jaw. Allow 6 to 12 weeks for this process.

Once your jaw is healed and the implant is permanently bonded, an abutment, or small connector post, is attached to the implant to hold your crown, or artificial replacement tooth. To ensure proper fitting, an impression will be taken of your teeth. The impression is used to make a model of your natural bite, which will serve as a guide for making your crown.

Your crown will match the color and size of your natural teeth, and once it is placed, it will look, function and feel just like your own teeth. Unlike with dentures, you won’t have to worry about your new tooth slipping or moving out of place.

If you’re missing one or more teeth and are interested in learning about dental implants in Lincoln Park, contact Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park today.

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