Departmental Plan for the Corporate Truffle Box

Department managers are continually searching for something to challenge employees to produce or be on time with their deadlines. Contests, races and bulletin boards with all sorts of motivational quips on it are all some of the things that have been tried. These tactics work with some employees, but others seem to have no motivation to excel and will always do the least possible.

However, there is a famous saying that goes something like this, “When all else fails, try chocolate.” The ultimate departmental plan for motivation can be the corporate truffle box. It will challenge, excite and motivate like no amount of money ever could.

The Truffle Chocolate

The truffle chocolate has a soft center that may be flavored with rum or other flavorings. A truffle lands nicely on the taste buds because of the stiff chocolate on the outer shell and the soft moist chocolate on the inside. Truffles are considered exquisite candy and something to savor on the tongue.

The Corporate Truffle

The corporate truffle box is whatever the department manager or the CEO determines it will be. From a three-tiered truffle structure to a box of assorted truffle tastes, the options and combinations are many. All truffle arrangements are personalized in any way the purchaser wants. From a flower design to a treasure box full of truffles to a four-, six- or 12-piece collection, each demonstrates that the corporate truffle delights are expandable.

The Truffle Product

The goal has been met, the motivation was successful and now the time has arrived to make the selection for the corporate truffle gift. If the contest was for a single individual, the final truffle product can be the deluxe truffle box with four or six pieces. However, if the contest had an end result of a group or a team of individuals, then four or six truffle pieces are not sufficient. Now the department manager or supervisor will have to expand the vision and perhaps look at the multiple layers of truffle arrangements.

Think about this. What employee wants to leave a hard earned reward at the office? Not many, particularly if it is a truffle reward. So even if it is a team or an entire department, buying a corporate truffle box for each member of the team is appropriate. Whether it is a trio of pyramids or multi-layered structure, the corporate truffle box will be a departmental hit.

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