Design Information For Decks In Long Island

From the basic platform deck design to the more intricate multi-level deck, having a deck means utilizing more of your yard and enjoying the view from outside your home. There are typically only 5 different Decks Long Island to choose from but what you do with the basic plan is how you individualize your Patio Design. Highlight the perimeter, add angles or curves, or put up a gazebo to change the look of your NY patio.


The five basic deck designs are platforms, raised, two-story, multi-level and freestanding. Although each of these designs sound self explanatory there are techniques for building them that make them different from each other. For instance the free-standing patio is not attached to a home or building and you must use footings, posts and beams for security instead of the home ledger.

For each design you have different problems that must be addressed. While the platform design is the easiest system to erect, because it is close to the ground precautions must be taken to keep it from water damage. Paying particular attention to the underside of the material is important as well. The material you use must be rated with a product that is safe for constant ground contact.

Obviously with raised decks you have certain safety precautions that have to be accounted for. Stairs, railings and exposed foundation posts are mandatory for decks that are attached to above ground first floor entrances. Two-story decks have a specific 12 x 12 inch posts as well as supporting timbers that can be a challenge for aesthetics. Multi-level decks work best with sloping yards but hard to keep the view unblocked from each level.

Each design from Decks Long Island, NY should be evaluated for how best to enjoy the weather. With a multi-level deck you can enjoy different weather at all times of the day. One area can be shaded by trees, one area open for entertaining, one area for ease of access into the house. The other designs do not offer the variances so determining where the deck is located is just as important as which design you build.


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